Blessed Planets

Blessed are the first children, the wise children, the old children.

Garden is the home of the Blessed, the cultural heart of their civilisation, the home of the Ohrelion crystals and the host of the Halo. Whilst the culture of the Blessed is intense by nature, Garden is where this is most prominent – their cities forming in gentle ovals of colonised land mass amongst the two great continents. It is rich and warm, with people primarily living in amongst the sweeping grass plains or sand plains and with huge effort given to surrounding and protecting the more complicated and less frequent biomes (tropical, wet tropical etc.) It is also their largest colonised planet, and home to their largest population.

Blessed are the second children, the gentle children, the clever children.

Equium is actually the largest moon that orbits Garden, and is the Blessed’s first colonisation. When the ships were originally launched containing the new colonists every precaution was made to ensure they arrived safely, the Ohrelions remaining on Garden until they had safely arrived and then being sent up in a guarded convoy. The selection process was excruciatingly specific, their ships loaded with the most physically healthy, most intelligent, most artistic, most practical of the volunteers who came forward. Equium’s reputation therefore precedes it, as birthing Blessed who make a truly remarkable stamp on their history. Whilst not entirely true, Equium has had considerable support from Garden, both economically and socially, and was the birthplace for the concept and design of the Keeper of the Garden.

Blessed are the third children, the strong children, the honourable children.

Ramus is the second smallest Blessed colony, another moon, and home to the largest of the Inner and Outer Space Militare. This has meant that Ramus has needed to support an increasingly industrialised set of colonies, and is colder and of a harsher climate than Garden or Equium. It is the last planet before the Silex asteroid belt, and hides in the shadow of a colossal gas giant. It was never originally meant to be a colony, simply an armed outpost – an early warning location should anything appear to be approaching Equium and Garden, but it grew far faster than intended. Due to its history, it is the only Blessed colony where a person can own and use personal weaponry.

Blessed are the fourth children, the wild children, the free children.

Carmina is the life and death of the Blessed. Its colonisation came at a time of security and intrepid feeling among the Blessed people, and the circumstances of its creation have left behind a lasting impresison of celebration. Carmina is often described as the beautiful world, not necessarily for its ecology but for its soul. Carmina is openness, open-mindedness, trade, entertainment and friendship. The Blessed of Carmina are far enough away from the stricter, more controlling ways of Garden and see themselves as the making of a new kind of community, one that wished to showcase all the beauty that Blessed culture had managed to accrue over its centuries of culture and civilisation.

Blessed are the fifth children, the loyal children, the good children.

Vicis is the last and smallest colony. It is the youngest, and the furthest away from Garden, and was created after the Olann war when the ceasefire agreement was hashed out with help from the Syndicracy. It borders the Wasteland stars, originally to wait for what the Blessed felt was the inevitable descent of the other larger more advanced civilisations on their (by comparison) tiny, battered civilisation. As with each of the previous planets, the intention behind the colony has become saturated into its ways – for the first time to the Blessed’s disservice. In many ways this was inevitable – when faced with fear and uncertainty the true failing of the Blessed’s growth as a civilisation rears its somewhat ugly head – with little conflict in their history they do not fear war. With little trust of other races, they encourage a degree of isolationism.

Vicis is in many places the whisperings and side long glances of the Blessed. After the war with the Olann the Blessed were weaker than they had been in a considerable length of time, and could not easily support a new colony, so Vicis was poor. Communication drop outs were frequent and lengthy, the population grew slowly as supplies were harder to come by, and took longer to reach them. Worse still, Garden was reluctant to send Ohrelions to Vicis due to their fear of the other powers. By the time the Blessed were able to fully commit to the colony, the damage had already been done.

Vicis is not a rebellious colony. In many ways, it would be preferable if it were. Instead, it has some of the most staunch, fanatical and devoted Blessed people, for their culture and for their civilisation. The people do not trust non-Blessed, and self-police to an extent that would be stifling and uncomfortable for most of Garden. Various attempts have been made to calm the fanaticism of the Vicis colonists, but the nature of the Ohrelions and the empathic network has made this very difficult – priests and diplomats sent out to try and sedate the population become swept up in its vitriol. Dark reports come from Vicis – ones the Conclave hide from the other powers as they try desperately to think of a way to fix the problem. Meanwhile, the reports keep coming, tradeships are forbidden from stopping in Vicis for anything but emergencies, and even then only at specific ports. And no further colony ships are sent that way.

Blessed Planets

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